Warranty Statement

Dear Customer,

Congratulations on your purchase of a CINQUE light. You have purchased a product manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. TRIO Leuchten GmbH is the owner of an exclusive license for the production and distribution of lights under the CINQUE brand. The products undergo strict quality control. If this product should unexpectedly malfunction or show defects, please refer to our warranty statement.


In addition to and alongside the seller’s liability for defects, TRIO Leuchten GmbH, Gut Nierhof 17, D-59575 Arnsberg (hereinafter referred to as “TRIO”) grants consumers a voluntary manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years on all properly used LED lights with permanently installed LEDs under the following conditions and to the extent described below.

“Consumer” in the sense of this manufacturer’s warranty is any natural person who is the owner of the product and has not purchased it to resell it or install it at third parties in the course of his or her commercial or independent professional activity.
“First end consumer” is the consumer who first purchased the product from an authorised dealer or other natural or legal person who resells or installs the product in the course of his commercial or independent professional activity.

TRIO guarantees that the products sold in the European Union (EU), Norway and Switzerland are free of defects when used properly during the agreed warranty period under the following conditions. If a TRIO product should prove to be faulty during the guarantee period, TRIO will, at its own discretion, repair the product free of charge for the first end consumer or replace it with a corresponding or similar and equivalent product free of charge in accordance with these warranty conditions.


The warranty period is 5 years and begins on the day of purchase by the first end consumer.


The manufacturer’s warranty covers the flawless lighting function of the light as well as the functionality of the electronic components. The state of scientific knowledge at the time of manufacture is decisive. For lights with permanently installed LEDs, the following limitation applies with regard to the guaranteed and proper lighting function:
According to the current state of the art, the light output of LEDs may decrease in the course of their service life, but they do not suddenly fail. This ageing process (degradation) is primarily due to thermal influences on the crystal and can be considered completely normal in LED technology. This is wear and tear that results from use. The service life of LEDs is measured or determined by the point in time when their photometric values show at least a L70/B10 value. The designation L70 means that the light output of an LED has decreased to 70% of the initial value since it was first put into operation. Each LED consists of several smaller LED modules and the B10 value describes that 10% of the installed LED modules do not reach this value. The LEDs are still fully functional after the end of their service life, but with a lower light output.
This means that the decrease of the light effect of the LEDs to the extent described above within the lifetime does not constitute a defect according to the current state of science and technology.



In the case of a defect or fault occurring during the warranty period, the warranty service consists of TRIO carrying out a repair of the product free of charge for the consumer or replacing it with a product of the same type and model, at its own choice. The warranty services do not extend the warranty period, nor do they establish a new warranty. The remaining warranty period from the original warranty period also applies to a replacement product.


The claim for warranty service only exists if the fault is reported directly to the seller and after two years to TRIO in writing. The prerequisite for this is immediate reporting of the product defect within the warranty period after the defect has become known. Furthermore, the original purchase receipt showing the proper purchase of the product as well as the affected product must be provided. The corresponding purchase receipts must therefore be kept until the end of the warranty period.



Explicitly excluded from this manufacturer’s warranty are all replaceable lights, all second- grade products, and presentation samples.
This warranty promise is also subject to the condition that

  • the products have been operated in accordance with their intended use,
  • the installation instructions have been followed in accordance with the enclosed operating instructions, and the limit values for supply voltage and environmental influences have been observed,
  • no extensions, conversions or other modifications have been made to the products,
  • the products have been maintained, cared for and operated in accordance with the operating instructions,
  • the prescribed illuminants, which comply with the relevant standards and regulations, have been used,
  • there are no chemical and physical effects on the material surface of the products that have arisen from improper use, for example, damage caused by incorrect cleaning agents or sharp-edged objects, as well as breakage or violent impact. Damage caused by this is not covered by the warranty,
  • the sales documents have not been changed or made illegible.



Irrespective of this manufacturer’s warranty and whether or not the aforementioned warranty is invoked in a warranty case, the legal rights with respect to warranty and consumer protection are in no way limited. Consequently, the legally regulated buyer’s rights due to defects of the purchased goods – in particular subsequent performance, withdrawal, reduction of the purchase price or compensation for damages (see § 437 of the German Civil Code and the corresponding special statute of limitations in § 438 of the German Civil Code) – can be asserted against the seller at the buyer’s own free choice in addition to or even without asserting the warranty claims.

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